Piano Lessons

I started teaching music over 25 years ago and I haven’t stopped since then. All these years of teaching made me a better musician and, even more important, a better person. 

I feel comfortable teaching students of all ages and all levels. However, I feel more at ease teaching adult students than kids of very young age.

Although as a pianist I identified myself as a jazz/latin music artist, I have studied classical music for many years, so I feel very at ease teaching it. I also love teaching pop and rock tunes, and even the music from my home country, tango music. 

I like to emphasize my teaching in the musical elements that make the student capable of playing any style of music (and at a certain extent, any instrument). This is why music theory and ear training are an important part of my teaching method, leading to the study of composition and arranging. 

This is a summary of the things I consider important about piano practice: 
Piano Routine 

I give lessons at my place in Ditmas Park or at the student's house. 

Please read my cancellation policy carefully so we both start on the right foot: 
cancellation policy 

Online lessons through Skype are also available. 

for more info about the lessons please email me: